Grand Theft Auto Cheetah Evolution

This is how car called Cheetah evolved during the GTA games.

Cheetah is one of the fastest car in Grand Theft Auto series games (I think that it was the fastest in GTA 3). Cheetah from GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas is based on real car Ferrari Testarossa. The one from GTA V is completely different.


First appeared in GTA III:


Then, there was a huge lifting in GTA Vice City:

GTA San Andreas

The one from GTA San Andreas looks pretty similar to VC Cheetah:


As far as I know there wasn’t a car like Cheetah in GTA IV.


Very famous screen of GTA V:


Grand Theft Auto Series

Hello! It’s been a while since the last post. Today is the release date of GTA V for both Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. So this post will be something like summation of all main (and classic) Grand Theft Auto games since GTA 1 (some of them were only for PC).

Grand Theft Auto 1
The first game from GTA series. It became so popular very quickly and few years later the second part was released.

Grand Theft Auto 2
GTA 2 had better graphics and became much more popular than GTA 1. In opposite to first GTA, in GTA 2 there were no bikes (which wasn’t too bad, because riding a motorbike in 2D GTA world wasn’t too easy and safe). The gameplay has been divided into 3 different maps (cities) and few more bonus maps.

Grand Theft Auto 3
GTA 3 was a real milestone in gaming industry. Open world and full 3D gained so many fans to Rockstar Games products.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Quite similar to GTA 3, althought Vice City had several improvements, i.e. character ability to jump out of the car while it’s moving. Tommy Vercetti still couldn’t swim.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
GTA SA had about 5 or 6 times larger map than Vice City’s. There were 3 cities with unique rural areas around and between them. The main character finally learned to swim and it was just one of the HUGE amount of improvements.